Scheduled for a Shoot?  Info for new Clients

Scheduled for a Shoot? Info for new Clients

1.  Time naps, meals and other routines so you and your family (including pets) are rested, comfortable and happy.

2. Plan out your clothing.  You don't all need to wear the same colors, that for sure.  However, if you will definitely want to put some thought, at least a few days before your shoot, as to what your family will wear, so that those clothes are clean and ready.  Amy is good with style and  colors, feel free to call and run your ideas by her if you aren't sure.

3. Do you have a particular style or idea for your pictures?  Make sure you communicate that with us.  You can call us to chat, or email a link to in advance.  This will help us make sure we have the right equipment and look for the right light to give you the pictures you want.

4. Make sure you budget your time so you can arrive at the shoot with time to set up and get ready.  Do you need to adjust hair, tie ties or props?  Make sure you give yourself some extra time, so the shooting time can be used taking pictures.

5. Get loose!  Relax and be willing to try different things!  While you should have an idea of what you want in advance, be willing to try some different things, you've paid for the time and the creativity of your photographers, make sure you leave some time to go with the flow.

6. For pets and small children sessions - bring a few treats and toys your pet/child is familiar with and enjoys.  Not all dogs or small children will sit and pay attention during a shoot.  A toy and a treat will help them stay posed and cooperative.

7. Bribe any "stick in the mud" in advance.  Sometimes children of a certain age (teens - cough cough), dads or others may not be very excited about the shoot.  The best time address this is in advance.  A little bribery can make the whole process a little easier.  Remember, if you can be happy at the shoot, your pictures will show it.  

8. Location, location, location.  Think about your location. Is there a feature you really want included in your images (a specific building, mountain or trees)?  Do you want to look like you are in the countryside?  Even though we are in the city, we can usually find a way to achieve the look we want, if we have some time to prepare.  Call or email us and tell us what you have in mind.  We will do what we can to make it happen.