Purchase Prints

Bring Art to your Home or Business

You probably already knew that you were able to buy prints of the portraits we take of you, your family, your pets, whatever you want photographed.  But what if you have a blank space in a wall that needs some art?  We can help you.  

If you are looking for something for your home, you can look through our galleries of flowers, architecture or landscapes on our website for some ideas of the pictures we have.  But, we have a lot more available.  We can come to your home with a digital gallery and talk about what you need.  We can get standard prints, metallic prints, fine art prints, wood or styrofoam standouts - just about anything!  We can order prints in a variety of sizes (most pictures max out at 20x30, though), with or without frames, color or black and white.  We can even work some Photoshop magic if you want us to alter a photo to match your vision/decor!

If you are a business, you can order prints just like someone looking for prints for their home.  We also offer, for some businesses, consignment sales.  That means we put up pictures that you like (that we also like), and offer them for sale.  You get the benefit of beautiful photos in your business at no cost to you and as they sell, we will order more (or we can change the photo out for a different image).  It's a win-win!

In any case, contact us and let's talk about what we can do to beautify your home or business with beautiful custom photo art!  We can even do commissions (take an artistic photo of the subject of your choosing)!